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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fishy Monday: The Sea Dragon

Today for a special Fishy Monday,I'm going to tell you about the Sea Dragon.(Which,yes,is a fish.)

The Sea Dragon is a member of the Sea Horse family but has some different features.There are two species of Sea Dragon(that I know of),the Weedy Sea Dragon,left image,and the Leafy Sea dragon,right image.The Weedy Sea Dragon is a rainbow colored fish only found in the southern waters of Australia.Its normal size is around 20 centimeters,but some can reach lengths of up to 45 centimeters,that's big enough for a squirrel to sit on!It's usual food is crustaceans,small ones,some species of shrimp,and plankton.The Weedy Sea dragon looks kinda like a Sea Horse that dipped in a rainbow fountain and has the nose of Pinocchio.The snout is usually light blue,along with the dorsal fins.The under side is bright pink with black stripes running along it.It has a long tail,usually red,with little leaf like fins poking out of the tail.Although,some specimens are just dark or bright red.

The Leafy Sea Dragon,on the other hand,is almost ALL pale yellow.The Leafy Sea Dragon is found close to the same area as the Weedy Sea Dragon,except farther north.It's usual habitat is in the northern and central waters of Australia.It is a pale yellowish color with lots of leaf like fins poking out of its body.No wonder It's called the "Leafy" Sea Dragon!Leafy Sea Dragon's also eat shrimp,but also eat small,deep water fish.If you ask me,the weedy Sea dragon would win a Sea Dragon fashion show,but the Leafy Sea Dragon is more fascinating.

That's my report on the Leafy Sea dragon.I got the info from,and also got the pictures from Free Google Images.The End.

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