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Monday, January 17, 2011

My Day As A Dolphin

Today I'm going to tell you about what it would be like if I were a dolphin at Seaworld(Where does my mom come up with this stuff???).

Once upon a time there was a little dolphin named DJ.DJ was a 1 year old Bottle Nose Dolphin who had just learned to catch fish.He lived in a group known as the Small Fry's(Were gonna call them the SF's.),mainly because most of them were only 4 feet long.Life was good for the SF's,until one day,when a hurricane blew threw.5-13 of the dolphins were blown away,one of them being little DJ.Once the hurricane was over,DJ woke up only to find him stranded on a beach.He laid there for 3 days,no food,no family.DJ was very sad.Then one day,a boat came by and noticed DJ was very ill.turns out it was a Seaworld rescue boat.Once they made sure DJ wasn't in too bad,they took him to the nearest Seaworld,which is in Orlando,Fl. DJ was given some food,a bath,and some bandages before he was put in the Dolphin Cage.He made many friends and was soon a member of the Seaworld dolphin Family.There were 3 species of dolphins in the cage.There were Short-Beaked Common Dolphins,Pacific White Sided Dolphins,and of coarse,Bottle Nose Dolphins.Not all of the Dolphins in the cage were friendly.There was a really big and mean Dolphin in the cage.Most people call him The meanie,but let's just call him Gerk.Gerk liked to push DJ around a lot,and loved to steal his food.Although,DJ didn't care.He knew Gerk would get what was coming to him one of these days.One day,when DJ was waiting for Seaworld to open,a women came up to him.She said her name was Nonni,and she had a surprise for him.She took him to a tank with 12 other dolphins in it.dJ recignized some of them,but couldn't tell who they were at first,but once he went up closer,he knew exactly who they were.It was the SF group!Somehow,DJ was re-united with his family,and they lived happily ever after.The End.


  1. Cute story. I like how you incorporated family members. I even giggled about Gerk. Just a couple of minor grammatical errors. Good job~

  2. oh, you came up with such a beautiful fictional story DJ, and love how it ended. wonderful story.