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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birds Eye View Bugs Eye View

Yesterday, 01/03/2011 DJ did his 4H photography lesson called Birds eye view Bugs eye view. He had to try to take photos from above his subjects and while lying on the ground for bugs eye view. His sister, the dog, and the many trees in our yard where his subjects. For the birds eye shots he had to stand on the swing set slide. If you open the third picture and look real close, you can actually see that he was able to catch the water drop dripping off the porch roof. He took several shots before he was actually able to get it before it hit the ground. The dog didn't want to stay centered in the shot LOL. Every time DJ moved over to center her, the dog got up and moved over too. He was holding a treat after all. I think they are still quite lovely shots of her.

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