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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fishy Monday: Moon Wrasse

Today for the first Fishy Monday of 2011,we're gonna kick things off with the Moon Wrasse!

The Moon Wrasse is the most hardy in the Wrasse family.There are 2 main species of Moon Wrasse.The Lime Green Moon Wrasse,& the Yellow Moon Wrasse.Both reach a length of about 11 inches,and besides their different color body,they're not really that different.The Lime Green Moon Wrasse has a dark green body with purple lines on its face.Its fins have a bright blue outline and is bright pink in the middle.The tail is yellow in the middle and has purple outlines.
The Yellow Wrasse,on the other hand,is almost ALL yellow! It has some orange lines on its face and light purple out lines on the tail.The 2 species of Moon Wrasse get their name from their yellow,crescent shaped tail.They also have other names like Banana & Lunar Wrasse.The moon Wrasse mainly feeds on things like crustaceans and small fish.It mainly makes its home in the Indo-Pacific from Africa to Australia.

That;s my report on the Lime Green Moon Wrasse & the Yellow Moon Wrasse.I got the pictures from,,and,and the info from and The End.


  1. I think this is your best Fishy Monday post yet. No punctuation, grammar, or spelling errors. Great job!

  2. it is so great to be learning from a child, learning from you DJ. I haven't heard about moon wrasse before, they sure look beautiful fish.