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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fishy Monday: The Sea Dragon

Today for a special Fishy Monday,I'm going to tell you about the Sea Dragon.(Which,yes,is a fish.)

The Sea Dragon is a member of the Sea Horse family but has some different features.There are two species of Sea Dragon(that I know of),the Weedy Sea Dragon,left image,and the Leafy Sea dragon,right image.The Weedy Sea Dragon is a rainbow colored fish only found in the southern waters of Australia.Its normal size is around 20 centimeters,but some can reach lengths of up to 45 centimeters,that's big enough for a squirrel to sit on!It's usual food is crustaceans,small ones,some species of shrimp,and plankton.The Weedy Sea dragon looks kinda like a Sea Horse that dipped in a rainbow fountain and has the nose of Pinocchio.The snout is usually light blue,along with the dorsal fins.The under side is bright pink with black stripes running along it.It has a long tail,usually red,with little leaf like fins poking out of the tail.Although,some specimens are just dark or bright red.

The Leafy Sea Dragon,on the other hand,is almost ALL pale yellow.The Leafy Sea Dragon is found close to the same area as the Weedy Sea Dragon,except farther north.It's usual habitat is in the northern and central waters of Australia.It is a pale yellowish color with lots of leaf like fins poking out of its body.No wonder It's called the "Leafy" Sea Dragon!Leafy Sea Dragon's also eat shrimp,but also eat small,deep water fish.If you ask me,the weedy Sea dragon would win a Sea Dragon fashion show,but the Leafy Sea Dragon is more fascinating.

That's my report on the Leafy Sea dragon.I got the info from,and also got the pictures from Free Google Images.The End.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

4H County Events and Pictures of Fog

Yesterday DJ won his first blue ribbon at 4H County Events, for his Marley picture. He was so excited.

This morning it was quite foggy here in our small town. DJ was able to shoot this awesome fog shots right in our own front and back yard. He is really enjoying learning about photography, and I am glad we joined 4H. Since we live in town we really can't do big gardens, or large animals, so we were kind of limited in that aspect of 4H. Thank goodness they offer so many other opportunities than just agriculture.

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Lion & Gazelle.

Today I'm going to tell a fictional story about a Lion and a Gazelle.

The purpose of this story is to discuss predator prey relationships,which I've
recently been learning about in school.

Once upon a time,there lived a young female lion,named Vadessa,and a young female Gazelle,nicknamed "3 Horn". Vadessa and 3 horn lived in 2 different valleys in Africa. Vadessa was a member of the Alpha Pride.They got there name from the fact that a Liger(half lion half tiger) escaped from the zoo and is now leading the pride.The pride didn't really like that the Liger,we'll call him Big Guy,was leading the pride. He was greedy and rude.He only cared about him self and banned any of the pride members who dared question his orders.Once,he bit a baby lion in the face when it got too close to Big Guys food,one of his own cubs actually.One day,when Big Guy wanted Vadessa to be his queen,Vadessa was mad and said no.Big Guy was furious,and banned Vadessa on that very spot.Vadessa didn't seem to care though.She was almost happy.She took some buffalo pieces,her 2 cubs(we'll call them Jim & Kyle),and headed off.

Meanwhile,in the other valley,3 Horn was having her own problems.You see,unlike other Gazelles,3 Horn was different.He had 2 horns on the top of his head,like all Gazelles,and a strange,needle pointed,third horn in the center of his head.The other Gazelles always made fun of him,almost like Rudolph except with 3 horns.She was never allowed on grazing trips,and she was never really cared about.One time,when 3 Horn was a baby,her uncle led her into lion territory and left her when she wasn't looking. 3 Horn barely survived.One day,when the herd was out grazing,3 Horn came across a hungry,dying,and tired lion.It was Vadessa with her 2 hungry cubs.Now,normally 3 horn would have ran for his life if a lion was nearby,but he didn't feel in danger this time.That was a big mistake.When she took 1 step toward Vadessa,Vadessa sprang to life and charged the herd! But when she came towards 3 Horn,she didn't even bother her.Few minutes later,Vadessa was back with her cubs with a young,ill Gazelle.(Fact:In the wild,when a Lion is hunting alone,they usually go after the ill,young,or injured.They make easier targets.) Vadessa remained in the valley for 2 weeks,feeding off the Gazelle.She never bothered 3 Horn though.

2 weeks passed,and Vadessa was now healthier and stronger then ever.Once the herd had fled the valley for good,Vadessa was getting ready to follow them,when 3 Horn walked rite up to them.she said "How come you haven't attacked me?" and Vadessa answered "I have no need to." Then she explained that she was having the same feelings as Vadessa.She wasn't gonna harm 3 Horn because she knew 3 Horn was special,like Vadessa. From that day on,Vadessa and 3 Horn were best friends,and they lived happily ever after.The End.

I got the pictures from Free Google Images.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fishy Monday: Moon Wrasse

Today for the first Fishy Monday of 2011,we're gonna kick things off with the Moon Wrasse!

The Moon Wrasse is the most hardy in the Wrasse family.There are 2 main species of Moon Wrasse.The Lime Green Moon Wrasse,& the Yellow Moon Wrasse.Both reach a length of about 11 inches,and besides their different color body,they're not really that different.The Lime Green Moon Wrasse has a dark green body with purple lines on its face.Its fins have a bright blue outline and is bright pink in the middle.The tail is yellow in the middle and has purple outlines.
The Yellow Wrasse,on the other hand,is almost ALL yellow! It has some orange lines on its face and light purple out lines on the tail.The 2 species of Moon Wrasse get their name from their yellow,crescent shaped tail.They also have other names like Banana & Lunar Wrasse.The moon Wrasse mainly feeds on things like crustaceans and small fish.It mainly makes its home in the Indo-Pacific from Africa to Australia.

That;s my report on the Lime Green Moon Wrasse & the Yellow Moon Wrasse.I got the pictures from,,and,and the info from and The End.

Friday, January 21, 2011

1 Food For a Whole Week

Today I'm going to tell you about the one food I would pick for a week,and what recipes I would use for breakfast,lunch,and dinner.

If I could choose one food,I would have to pick Macaroni.
I can think of 3 recipes that would make breakfast,lunch,and dinner fun.

For breakfast I would have Cinnamon Le Macaroni.To make Cinnamon Le Macaroni,you will need cinnamon,macaroni,an orange,some lemon juice,a small container,and a small bowl.

Take the macaroni out of the box and put it in the bowl.
Put the bowl in the micro wave for about 32 secs.
Once the timer dings,take the macaroni out.
Put a little bit of cinnamon on the warm macaroni so the cinnamon melts in.
Squirt some lemon juice on,for that extra flavor,use the orange as just an appetizer,and vwala! You have Cinnamon Le Macaroni.

For Lunch I would pick Lemon Macaroni.To make Lemon Macaroni you'll need macaroni,lemon juice,a bowl,a strainer,and pretzels.

Open the macaroni box and poor it into a small container.
Take the macaroni and put just a little bit of water in it.
Put 1/4 of lemon juice in the container.
Put the container in the micro wave for about 3 minutes.
When the timer dings,take the container out.
Poor the macaroni that was soaking in the lemon juice into the strainer.
Make sure you get all the juice out.
Scoop the macaroni up into the bowl.
Put some pretzels out if necessary,and your done.
You have Lemon Macaroni.

For dinner,I would have the world famous Macaroni & Cheese with Doritos.I don't need to tell how to make Macaroni & Cheese,since most people already know how to make it.

That's It what I would eat for an entire week.I got the picture from End.

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Day As A Dolphin

Today I'm going to tell you about what it would be like if I were a dolphin at Seaworld(Where does my mom come up with this stuff???).

Once upon a time there was a little dolphin named DJ.DJ was a 1 year old Bottle Nose Dolphin who had just learned to catch fish.He lived in a group known as the Small Fry's(Were gonna call them the SF's.),mainly because most of them were only 4 feet long.Life was good for the SF's,until one day,when a hurricane blew threw.5-13 of the dolphins were blown away,one of them being little DJ.Once the hurricane was over,DJ woke up only to find him stranded on a beach.He laid there for 3 days,no food,no family.DJ was very sad.Then one day,a boat came by and noticed DJ was very ill.turns out it was a Seaworld rescue boat.Once they made sure DJ wasn't in too bad,they took him to the nearest Seaworld,which is in Orlando,Fl. DJ was given some food,a bath,and some bandages before he was put in the Dolphin Cage.He made many friends and was soon a member of the Seaworld dolphin Family.There were 3 species of dolphins in the cage.There were Short-Beaked Common Dolphins,Pacific White Sided Dolphins,and of coarse,Bottle Nose Dolphins.Not all of the Dolphins in the cage were friendly.There was a really big and mean Dolphin in the cage.Most people call him The meanie,but let's just call him Gerk.Gerk liked to push DJ around a lot,and loved to steal his food.Although,DJ didn't care.He knew Gerk would get what was coming to him one of these days.One day,when DJ was waiting for Seaworld to open,a women came up to him.She said her name was Nonni,and she had a surprise for him.She took him to a tank with 12 other dolphins in it.dJ recignized some of them,but couldn't tell who they were at first,but once he went up closer,he knew exactly who they were.It was the SF group!Somehow,DJ was re-united with his family,and they lived happily ever after.The End.

Monday, January 10, 2011

My 1st Seaworld Trip

Happy 2011!!! Today,as substitute for Fishy Monday,I'm going to tell you about my trip to Sea World(Orlando,Florida)!

On December 29th,me and my family went to Sea World.It as a long ride from our home to Orlando,but the wait was worth it!Once we finally found a parking space,we ate lunch in our car before going into Sea World.It was torture! You'd agree with me if you had to sit in a parking lot,soo close to Sea World! After we finished eating,we headed to Sea World.The first thing we did was sign in.We had a year pass,meaning no paying to get in! Once we were inside,me and my Dad went to my first Roller Coaster,the Manta.We wanted to go on the Kraken, but it was all the way on the other side of the park.On the way up the line,we went through a mini aquarium.It mostly had freshwater fish,but they were still really cool.I think I might use the ****** fish as my next Fishy Monday.After the 2 hour long line,we finally got up to the main station.We had to wait a few times to get on,but it was worth it.Once the coaster was empty,we got on in the front row.Lucky us we got in the front,because the people in the 3 back rows get wet.I don't know how to describe the ride,but it felt a jet going up and down,while going on tight turns at the same time.It was CRAZY/AWESOME!!!!!!!Once we got off,we had to go find my Mom and Sister.We spent an hour looking for them!Finally,after circuiting 1/4 of the park,we found them,our day at Sea World continued.We saw sting rays,sea turtles,sharks,dolphins,large and small reef fish,octopi,and many pretty birds.Plus a few dead frogs,yipee....Anywho,Caitlin got to go on her 1st Roller Coaster too.The Shamu Express! (Note,never underestimate the tiny pink Roller Coaster)Then we went up on a big,spinning top like thing.My Mom got scared when we went up.she says shes afraid of hight's,but I think shes Clastrophobic.And,we ate fries and pizza,mmmmmmm yummy!
Besides all that,we pretty much walked around looking for something to do.I didn't go on the Kraken this time,but I will this February!

That's what we did on my 1st trip to Sea World.The End. PS,the 5 pictures that you see,I took them!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Birds Eye View Bugs Eye View

Yesterday, 01/03/2011 DJ did his 4H photography lesson called Birds eye view Bugs eye view. He had to try to take photos from above his subjects and while lying on the ground for bugs eye view. His sister, the dog, and the many trees in our yard where his subjects. For the birds eye shots he had to stand on the swing set slide. If you open the third picture and look real close, you can actually see that he was able to catch the water drop dripping off the porch roof. He took several shots before he was actually able to get it before it hit the ground. The dog didn't want to stay centered in the shot LOL. Every time DJ moved over to center her, the dog got up and moved over too. He was holding a treat after all. I think they are still quite lovely shots of her.